Dragomir Mrsic

Dragomir Mrsic

Dragomir Mrsic kicked off his movie career as a 38-year-old father of two in Josef Fares dark drama Leo in 2007. His big break came three years later with Easy Money, directed by Daniél Espinosa, in which he played the Serbian hitman, Mrado. Easy Money caught international attention and Gago was awarded “Best Actor” in the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent in 2010. Martin Scorcese opened the film in Manhattan in 2012. That same year, Dragomir was cast in his first international role in Edge of Tomorrow (May 2014), directed by Doug Liman and starring alongside with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.

Born in Bosnia, Dragomir came to Sweden as a baby. He grew up in the outskirts of Stockholm and in an area where the immigrant population grew steadily. He earned a yellow belt in taekwondo as a 9-year-old and became Nordic Champion in the same sport at 18. He also kept high grades and never skipped school. In 1990, he was one of three that carried out one of Sweden’s biggest robberies ($100 million). It was the first case in Sweden to reach conviction with the help of DNA. After serving his prison sentence, Dragomir decided to switch paths and applied to Sweden’s most prominent sports colleges and was accepted.

During his very first semester, Dragomir was offered a position as a coach for the Swedish Olympic Committee. Jealousy drove some people to call and complain about his past, but he remained on his post with SOC. In 2004 he opened the club, Extreme Training, where he teaches his own concept, MartialStrength, which combines the agility of MMA and physical strength by isometric exercise. The club quickly became a hot training ground for professional athletes such as NHL-players, professional golf and tennis players and World Champions in various martial arts genres. It also attracted the movie industry: producers, directors and actors sought Dragomir’s expertise as a coach and trainer to reach their goals. Both Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara trained under Dragomir for their roles as the super-fit hacker, Lisbeth Salander, in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Soon after the film industry came knocking on the gym door, they also started asking for help. Castings where held at the gym and Dragomir was often asked to help find extras and actors for films. Eventually the question “How about you?” arose and he gave it a shot. Eight years later, focus is on his acting career, but as soon he is not filming, coach Dragomir is running the show at the gym.

What sets Dragomir Mrsic apart from pretty much every colleague in the business, both in Sweden and abroad, is that he has carried out a robbery, been convicted and done time, where others only have acted that role.

In 2014, Dragomir released his first book, “Extreme Training: from Fittja to Hollywood”, which is a combination of his training and lifestyle philosophy, and biography. He is currently busy creating and producing his first TV-series, Alex, due for release in 2015.

About Dragomir:

“He is a fantastic actor—has an incredible presence and brings out something authentic on screen. He’s very responsive and his loyalty to the for the film is unbeatable.” Josef Fares, who directed Dragomir in Leo

“Dragomir has helped us with research and the authenticity in the script. He has also helped us find actors and extras with Yugoslavian background. He’s been like a spider in the cob web, actually. A fantastic resource for the films.” Fredrik Wikström Nicastro, producer at Tre Vänner, the Swedish production company that made all three films in the Easy Money suite.  


CROSSING LINES 2014 – Edward Allen Bernero
BURNING HEARTS 2013 – Jonas Overton/Zombie Film AB
EDGE OF TOMORROW 2012 – Doug Liman
EASY MONEY II 2012 – Babak Najafi/Tre Vänner
EASY MONEY* 2010 – Daniel Espinosa/Tre Vänner
LEO 2007 – Josef Fares/Memfis Film
GANGSTER 2007 – Steve Aalam/Isis Panthea, Kahina Pictures

7EVEN NATION ARMY 2012 – Peter Mattsson/Population & SVT
WALLANDER: KURIREN 2009 – Leif Magnusson/Yellow Birds Film

ALCOHOLIA 2013 – Marco Ikovic
MOGUCNOST 2011 – Tord Danielsson/ART89 Television AB
NATTEN I OSS 2011 – Hildegunn Waerness/Yesbox Productions
BRÖDERNA JAUKKA 2010 – Peter Grönlund/Doppelganger Film
LA MI FACCIA 2009 – Clea Van Berkei

*Flanders International Film Festival Ghent – Best Actor, 2010

Special skills:
Languages: Swedish (fluent), English, Serbian (native), Kroatian, Bosnian
Taekwondo, Stunts, Athletic Councelling

Gago shower


Current Projects
Current Projects

Edge of Tomorrow by Doug Liman with Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and Dragomir Mrsic. In Cinemas 28 May 2014.

Now filming Crossing Lines in Prague and Marseille.